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  • 8 Cost-push Inflation Examples in History

    8 Cost-push Inflation Examples in History

    Inflation is one of the most common phenomena in economics. Economists are able to predict inflation by seeing the trends; however, there are times when the prices of certain commodities are increased unexpectedly, resulting in cost-push inflation. What is Cost-Push Inflation? It is a form of inflation that occurs when the prices of resources are […]

  • 9 Oligopoly Examples in Real Life

    9 Oligopoly Examples in Real Life

    A free market is one of the crucial aspects of capitalism. It provides freedom to both the businesses and the public, in terms of selling their product or services and choosing between different businesses, respectively. It accelerates innovation, strengthens the economy, and more importantly, promotes competition. When companies compete with each other, it results in […]

  • Measures to increase GDP

    Measures to increase GDP

    Each year economists are faced with the question, “what measures must be taken to increase GDP?” This is crucial because GDP is measured to see if an economy is doing good or bad. Moreover, GDP is reported annually by every nation. Therefore, a strong GDP is essential for the economic growth. What is GDP? Gross […]

  • 12 Types of Inflation in Economics

    12 Types of Inflation in Economics

    Inflation is one of the most explored aspects of the economy. Since the introduction of modern currency, inflation has been persistent in society, whether it be because of increased demand for a certain product or political affairs. In modern times, different types of inflation have been introduced based on their workings. What is Inflation? Inflation […]

  • Stagflation Examples in History

    Stagflation Examples in History

    Economics is a series of complex calculations and predictions that must be precise to predict the future of a nation in terms of finances, GDP, and employment rate. Although it is a difficult task, it is not impossible thanks to the indicators. Various indicators such as warning of a natural disaster, building up of tension […]

  • 5 Inflation Examples

    5 Inflation Examples

    Economic growth is the ultimate goal of each nation to strengthen its currency. Many policies are introduced for the said purpose. While some are proven beneficial, others leave a country in ruins. Inflation is one aspect that is beneficial for a country if wages are increased as well, but otherwise, it can be detrimental to […]

  • Top 10 Economists in the World

    Top 10 Economists in the World

    The economic system has been around for centuries. Granted, those systems were vastly different from present-day economics; however, the fundamental idea to boost the financial state of a community was the priority even in those times. It not only involves complex calculations of the present financial conditions but the prediction of the future as well […]

  • Causes of Inflation in Economics

    Causes of Inflation in Economics

    When an economy experiences a rise in the prices of goods and services, it is called inflation. During a period of inflation, the value of a currency is also decreased because it can no longer purchase the same amount of goods. There are various causes of inflation. Causes of inflation in Economics 1. Cost-Push inflation […]

  • Galloping Inflation Explained with Examples

    Galloping Inflation Explained with Examples

    Economic ups and downs are faced by each nation. There are various economic phenomena like inflation, deflation, and even complete economic collapse that drastically change how a country functions, and how its population responds. Such is the case with galloping inflation. What is Galloping Inflation? Sometimes also referred to as jumping inflation, galloping inflation occurs […]

  • 6 Disinflation Examples in History

    6 Disinflation Examples in History

    The economic change is subject to many factors such as shortage of specific goods, strikes by the workforce, or companies being unable to meet the demand. All the factors, depending on their intensity, contribute to significant or marginal economic changes. Additionally, policies created by the authorities are also a governing factor when it comes to […]